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How do I know I’m getting a good deal on a new car?

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Q&A: How do I know I’m getting a good deal on a new car?9 How do I know Im getting a good deal on a new car?
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I’m looking at buying a new 2009 Nissan Rogue. It’s going to be fully loaded, here’s a list of the features:

AWD Premium Package (includes Xenon Headlights); Leather package; Portable Navigation system; Rear spoiler; Bumper guard; Floor mats (yes, that’s extra according to their website); Moonroof; Roof rails w/ crossbars; Splash Guards; Chrome Grille; Cargo cover; a Pin Stripe and then the other standard features including XM radio; Cruise Control; Power windows & locks; keyless ignition; ABS; Garage door opener; Bluetooth; steering wheel controls; and the list goes on.

They are also including some special paint job that keeps scratches from rusting or something like that. I don’t see that feature on their website nor on but it’s got a sticker price of 0ish.

According to the sticker price on the lot, it’s .5k. Trying to build the same car on the website comes out to .5k but I can’t add the pin stripe and paint protection thing (which on the sticker equals about k). After emphasizing the lack of need for certain features (navigation, pin stripe, splash guards, chrome grille) and emphasizing the need to try to keep this within a budget, they broke it down to… ::drumroll:: .5k.

According to the Invoice price (without the pin stripe and paint protection) is .8k and “what others are paying” is .4k

With all that said and comparing it to edmunds, it seems like a good deal. I believe this .5k price already includes the 0 cash back incentive and it comes with 2.9% financing.

All in all, I believe this is a good deal but being my first NEW car where I can negotiate, I want to make sure I got it to a reasonable price. I think I did but I’d like others opinions. I apologize for the long question but leaving out one detail can reflect a big price difference.

I forgot to mention, it is the SL model.
According to KBB: New Car Blue Book Value= k; Invoice=.8k; MSRP=.7 Invoice=.8k and MSRP=.3k

After all this, it appears I’m getting an offer below the invoice price. With 2.9% financing and putting about 10% down, the monthly payments will be somewhere in the 5/mo range.


Answer by pickmefirstplz
that special paint job is a dealer add on and it not worth the money you have done your homework gl with the purchase

Answer by biduf25
I would also check with kelly blue book ( and NADA ( these are the websites that will help you tell what the bank will loan on a car. Also, check to see how much your payments will be per month, and how many months/years you will have to pay it. Factor all that in and get the bottom dollar price that you will end up paying for the car (after finance charges, taxes, etc) I would compare that with the websites above to see what the pricing looks like… Other than that, good homework. Good luck!!

Answer by kelly_f_1999
you know you got a good deal or a bad one when you drive pass another dealers alot lot and see same car cheaper

Answer by Justin
If I read everything correctly it sounds like you’ll be buying the vehicle right at invoice, or for just a couple hundred over invoice, which is typically a good deal for any import vehicles.

I’m figuring that you are buying at or just over invoice, because I’ve added the rebate back in and the expected profit from the paint and pin stripe.

There is more room to wiggle if you really wanted to grind them, but probably not a whole lot…If all new cars were sold at break even or for a loss, then there wouldn’t be any car dealers left. It’s okay if they make a reasonable profit…I’d be very happy with the deal you are getting.

It sounds like you’ve done some good research.

Hope this helps,

Answer by John L
The pin stripe cost the car comes from the factory with the paint protection. I would ask for a copy of the invoice and offer 0 to 0 over the invoice less the rebates plus tax and tag do not pay a dealer fee.

Answer by junkfood1
If you like it buy it.

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